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GL Basic Tools is a script based plug-in used for exporting geometry, textures and scene data into GL Basic formats *.DDA and *.DDW.

It supports:


  • any type of objects and primitives (Skinning, Cloth, Soft Body, Particles etc )
  • any version of 3ds max starting with 2008 and above (32 and 64 bit)
  • batching files and directories



To install the plug-in download GLBasicSetup.exe here:


Download GLBasicSetup.exe


.      Warning! Please close 3Ds Max before install\uninstall operations! Follow the instructions. You can also install the script manually by copying the content of this archive file into the following folder on your computer: …3ds Max xxx\Scripts\Startup


Change List:




  • Fixed the bug with missing UVW Coordinates.
  • Added support for Binary Format.
  • Added a new Plug-in “Collision Tools” to GL Basic Tools Menu.
  • Added the Bounding Box Collision Generator.
  • Added the Bounding Sphere Collision Generator.
  • Updated all sample files (converted all *.dda to *.ddd)
  • Added correct normal lighting to Demo Projects



  • Starting the new release:


 To update the plug-in you need to delete GLBasicTools:

 Customize > Customize User Interface > Menu > GLBasicTools

You also need to delete GLBasic-GLBasicExport.mcr from here:

C:\Documents and Settings (“Users” for Vista or Win7)\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2009 - 32bit (or your version of 3ds Max)\enu\UI\usermacros

 Then you need to install the plug-in manually by copying the files into corresponding folder. This file is generated automatically when starting the script for the first time. It is also added automatically to the installed version of 3ds Max.


Please follow the instructions precisely, otherwise the plug-in will not be installed correctly and the new menu tab ‘Collision Generator’ will not be added. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is how Script Interface 3ds Max works.


3DS Max is a powerful software for creating 3d objects and animations. You can download sample scenes with Bones, Cloth,  Rigid Body, Soft Body and Particle animation here:


Download sample scenes 3Ds Max 2009 now


You can download exported GL Basic sample projects here:


Download projects examples now



Once you install the plug-in and launch 3ds max, you will see a new tab “GL Basic Tools” in the upper menu (next to the “Help” tab). Open it and choose “Export…” to open the export options.


Export Only Selected Objects:Interface

- if checked, only the selected objects in scene are exported.

Note: if checked and no objects are selected, the scene will not be exported and you will see a warning message.


Copy Textures to Models:

- if checked, all the textures used in the scene are copied and collected in the output folder.


Disable Warnings:

- if checked, all the warning messages about scene errors (if any) will be disabled.

Note: Recommended for Batch Export Mode.


Export World File:

 - if checked, all the scene data (texture ID’s, objects list. See GL Basic Manual for details) will be exported into a *.DDW file that will have the same name is your current 3ds max file.


ASCII Export Mode:

- if checked, the scene will be exported into a text file.

Note: At the moment scenes are exported into text files by default. Binary format (*.DDD) support will be added shortly.


Export Animation:

- if checked, scene animations will be exported.

Note: only the selected range of frames will be exported (0 to 100 by default).


Every Nth Frame:

- the number of frames to skip when exporting animations.

Note: To decrease the scene size we recommend skipping 2-3 frames for rapid animations, and 5-8 frames for slow animations.



Batch Mode:

- if checked, the Batch Mode is on.

Browse to the folder containing the files you would like to export in the ‘Input Path’ field. Select the folder for exporting these files in the ‘Output Path’ field. If ‘Include Sub Folders’ is checked, all the subfolders will be scanned for *.max files that will be also exported.


Save Settings:

- saves all the current settings including input and output paths




If you have any questions or troubles with exporting scenes, please contact me: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Note: Don’t forget to attach your 3ds max scene (including textures)

Note2: Please reduce the size of your textures to a minimum.



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